Gourmet Weekend - Sunday Only

Gourmet Weekend - Sunday Only


Join the weekend event for Sunday only- includes all Sunday workshops and lunch.

10am        PANEL: Food Writing & Storytelling Ruth Reichl, John “Doc” Willoughby, Alan Systma, Beth Kracklauer, Nanette Maxim

11:15am    DEMO: Butchering, Grilling, & Animal Husbandry Ian Knauer, John “Doc”  Willoughby, Tatiana Dale, Barry Estabrook (12:15 hands on pork pulling and assembling sides)

12:30pm    LUNCH: Pulled Pork and Summer Sides

2:15pm     PANEL: Current American Foodways & The Future of Food Ruth Reichl, Beth Kracklauer, Gabrielle Langholtz, Malaika Spencer, Nanette Maxim, Barry Estabrook

3:15pm CLOSING REMARKS: Ruth Reichl

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