Farm and Food Education: Farmer’s Market 101, May 25th, 1pm

Farm and Food Education: Farmer’s Market 101, May 25th, 1pm


Food is the foundation of our world and yet the food system we find ourselves in is complicated and overwhelming. Even shopping at the farmer’s market can be intimidating! What are all those weird vegetables and meat cuts? Learn how to ask the right questions at the farmer’s market!

In this class we will explore our on-farm farmer’s market through the lens of a thoughtful consumer:

  • We will talk to our farmers about the differences between local, organic, sustainable, natural, cage free, non-gmo and grain free.

  • We will go over some super simple meal ideas that will help make shopping at the farmer’s market easier.  

  • With the right information you can become more confident in your food choices and what you’re bringing home to cook.

  • Bring home recipes using ingredients at the farmer’s market and a guide to food labels to use as you shop for the most important ingredients in your kitchen (included in registration).

Meet outside on the Farm Cooking School Patio. Wear comfortable shoes, bring sunscreen, a water bottle, and a raincoat. Kids are welcome to join adults and must stay with parents

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