Jul 27th - Advanced Fermentation: Fermented Produce- 10am

Jul 27th - Advanced Fermentation: Fermented Produce- 10am


Power Produce - Lacto- and Dark Fermented Fruits and Vegetables Connect with your roots and pump up your produce in this fermentation class. Cooking School intern and founding member of the school's fermentation club, Karl Wagner, will teach you how to preserve and enhance your summer bounty lacto- (w/ salt) and black (slow caramelization) fermentation techniques.

In particular, we'll focus on using your newly fermented treats to pump up your cooking.

Menu: Lacto-Fermentation Mixed Pickles, Sauerkraut, and Kimchi "Salt 'n' Vinegar" Fermented Potato Chips with Fermented Harissa Mayo

Black Fermentation Pea Salad with Black Garlic

Fermented Salsa Verde with Pork Dehydrated Sauerkraut Powder and Sauerkraut Glazed Vegetables

Sauerkraut Spice Cake and Mint Brandied Black Apples (to accompany the Sauerkraut Cake)

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