Sept 25th Coast to Coast Ocean Sustainability Fundraiser, 6pm

Sept 25th Coast to Coast Ocean Sustainability Fundraiser, 6pm


Oceans cover more than 70% of the earths surface and contain more than 97% of the worlds water.  Home to nearly one-million species, our oceans - though vast and deep - are delicate ecosystems that are threatened by climate change, pollution, over fishing, rising pH, decreasing reefs, and more. 

From Cape May to Cabo Pulmo: Ocean Sustainability is a dive into why we need to care now about protecting and restoring one of Mother Nature's greatest creations. 

Join us for a delicious meal to raise funds for sustainable east coast and west coast projects. The Farm Cooking School is partnering with the Baja Coastal Institute [] in Cabo Pulmo, the site of an extensive and important coral reef, and Sweet Amalia Oysters [] from coastal New Jersey to bring awareness to proper and sustainable use of these protected areas.  

In March 2020, The Farm Cooking School will bring a group of students to learn about the culture and culinary secrets of Cabo Pulmo in beautiful southern Baja California. 

Tonight’s menu will be based on the freshest of what’s in season in September! Look for oysters, late tomatoes, fall greens, and more.

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