French Cooking Winter 2020

French Cooking Winter 2020


Chef Shelley Wiseman is classically trained in the art of French cooking and operated a French Cooking School in Mexico City for 5 years. Join her this winter and delve into French cooking techniques that will absolutely elevate your skills. Ideal for anyone with basic comfort in the kitchen. Each class is a full 4 course menu including a salad course, French style. BYOB.

The classes in this series stand alone and can be taken individually. The skills also build on each other and provide a comprehensive introduction to French cooking when taken as a series. Register the same student for 4 classes and apply a 15% discount or take all 6 and get one class free.

Sundays 11am-3pm
January 19: French Cooking! Introduction to French Cooking and Basic Sauces
Techniques to be covered: French menu overview, white and brown veal stock, caramelized onions, braised veal, pastry cream, whipped egg whites, caramel sauce.
Menu: French Onion Soup, Blanquette de Veau, Salad and Cheese course, Apple Soufflé

January 26: French Cooking! Brown Sauces and More!
Techniques to be covered: brown sauces, clarifying, demi glace, glace, red wine sauce, sorbet
Menu: Consommé Double, Demi-glace, Beef in Red Wine Sauce or a La moelle, Salad and Cheese Course, Seasonal Sorbet,

February 2: French Cooking! Roasting Poussins and French Cake Techniques
Techniques to be covered: fish curing, compound butter, roasting small birds, almond cake, butter cream, chocolate glaze
Menu: Gravlax, Roast Poussins or Cornish Game Hens with Lavender-thyme Butter, Braised Endives, and Sauternes Jus, Salad and Cheese Course, French Opera Cake

February 9: French Cooking! Seafood!
Techniques to be covered: Lobster stock, bisque, beurre blanc sauce, salt baking, crème anglaise, spun sugar, poached meringue
Menu: Lobster Bisque, Salt Baked Branzino with Beurre Blanc Sauce, Braised Fennel, Oeufs a la Neige

February 16: French Cooking! Savory Soufflés and Duck Cookery!
Techniques to be covered: Working with duck breasts and Duck Legs Confit, influences of nouvelle cuisine, bechamel sauce for soufflés, mousse techniques, shaping lace cookies.
Menu: Savory Souffles, Seared Duck Breasts with 4 peppercorn sauce and Duck confit, Salad and cheese course, Lemon mousse, Tuiles,

February 23: French Cooking! Country Terrine and Bouillabaisse!
Techniques to be covered: choosing meats for pate, fat proportion, Bouillabaisse, ice cream making, caramelized sugar, candied zest
Menu: Pate de campagne, Savory Onion Marmalade, Bouillabaisse, Salad and Cheese course, Caramel Ice Cream with Candied Orange Zest

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