Aug 29th- ACID, 6pm

Aug 29th- ACID, 6pm


Join Chef Shelley Wiseman for an exploration of science fundamentals in the kitchen. In the spirit of McGee, Alt-Lopez, and Samin Nosrat among many others, apply these principles for greater freedom and creativity in the kitchen! 

Acid: Acid plays an important role in flavor balance and as a method of cooking. Come learn about the essential role acid plays in recipes. BYO!

We will cover:

Acid flavor comparisons - PH Spectrum

Cooking with acid: Ceviche

Acid and milk as it relates to cheesemaking

Layering acid flavors - Pasta with Clams

Balancing Acids: vinaigrettes

Tenderizing with acids - Yogurt marinated Lamb

Concentrating Acid: Strawberries with Reduced Balsamic 

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