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Kitchen Garden Workshop - Warm Weather Favorites and Lunch!

The third in a season-long series of gardening and cooking workshops! 

It's time to get planting! In this garden workshop we will be planting many of our warm-season garden favorites: tomatoes, peppers, basil, sunflowers, herbs galore, and many more. We will also plant a succession of our lettuce and arugula to keep a fresh supply at all times. We will discuss the pros and cons of planting from seed vs. seedlings, crop rotation, and companion planting. We will be getting our hands in the dirt, and the garden will materialize before our very eyes! 

Then, after you've worked up an appetite, Ian and Shelly will ply you with refreshing drinks, then lead a short class to make lunch with the crops we planted in our Ground Breaking Workshop.

*It is important that we get our young friends growing their own food early-on, so, as with all our kitchen garden workshops, kids come for 5 bucks! (Let us know if you're bringing them and how many via email.)