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Cook the Carcass! An in depth butchery and meat cookery series with Bryan Mayer!


Friday nights 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Class 1 is SOLD OUT! Please join us for the remainder of the series.

An in depth butchery and meat cookery series with Bryan Mayer!

Jan 5th- The Chuck - The largest of the 4 beef primals has always stood for value and "low and slow" cooking, from pot roasts, to short ribs and brisket, and of course plenty of ground beef. But, with a little extra skill and time there's a bounty of flavorful muscles just waiting to be grilled, roasted, and fried. Including the 2nd most tender muscle, the flat iron 

Menu: Chuck steaks, Flat Iron, Chicken Fried Steak, Denver Steaks, Sierra Steak, Kolbi (Short Rib) Tartare, Ranch Steak (Shoulder London Broil) 

Jan 12th- The Rib - Probably the most famous primal, thank you ribeye, there's more to this relatively small section than most consumers know. Multiple muscles mean your chance to experience different textures and flavors. Spinalis Dorsi anyone? (that's rib cap)

Menu: Skirt Steaks, Stir Fry, Rib Eye, Rib Cap, Rib Eye, Filet, Kolibi, Tartare

Jan 19th- The Loin - This primal contains my favorite beef cut, the sirloin flap, or what's more commonly called the bavette. And while porterhouses and T-bones may dominate your grill, there's another part of this primal that is sorely overlooked. One that'll save you money and is every bit as tasty of that NY Strip... I think even tastier. 

Menu: Flank, Bavette, Stir Fry, Sirloin Steak, Sirloin Filet, Picanha, NY Strip, Porterhouse (T-bone), Tenderloin (Filet), Tri-Tip, Hanger

Jan 26th- The Round - When I fire up the grill and cook beef, I'm almost always cooking a London Broil. If you're like me, you also might not have the fondest of memories for this cut. Thankfully, in addition to showing you where this cut, and others off the leg, come from, we're going to make sure you know exactly how to cook them. From seasoning, to prep, to cook times and temps!

Menu - Top Round (London Broil), Eye Round (Roast Beef Tartare) Bottom Round (Roast Beef, Western Griller, Tartare) Sirloin Tip (Sirloin tenders, Tartare)  Shanks! Bones! Fat!

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