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Pressure Cooking Series and Class 1!

 Join us for the first class! $95

Learn the Basics of Stove top and Electric Instant Pot Pressure Cooking. We will share with you the many tips and tricks we have learned for making great food fast! We will pressure cook Octopus, White Beans, Risotto, Carrots, and Black Rice and make a meal out of them. So time to put your fears to rest and get pressure cooking!

Take all four classes for a discount! Feb 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd

Class 1- Carrot Soup, Seven Vegetable Couscous, Stewed Fruit with Port.

Class 2- Mushroom Risotto, Colombian Chicken Stew (Ajiaco) with Cilantro and Capers, Margarita Pudding Cake.

Class 3- Octopus Salad with Giant White Beans, Beef Borscht, Supermoist Chocolate Cake.

Class 4- Whole Braised Artichokes with Provencal Stuffing, Shrimp with Butter Braised Leeks, Creme Brulee.