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Dumplings with Lillian Chou


We're hosting cook, writer, and food stylist, Lillian Chou, who's called Beijing home since 2009. A former restaurant pastry chef, cook and food editor with Gourmet magazine (and colleague of Shelley and Ian), Lillian has always had a foot in Asia and has lived in Japan, Korea and Singapore. Her love of Chinese food in particular and all things Asian, has brought her through almost all of China's 34 provinces, eating and working with village cooks, restaurant chefs and local farmers. She's happy to share her delicious discoveries with you!

Dumplings from scratch are always worth every effort and with this class, you'l soon be mastering these delicious joyful bundles. Lillian is a seasoned Beijing dumpling expert and will show you the easiest way to make your own skins (wrappers) with a variety of fillings that are typical Beijing style (and a Chinese new year staple).

There are numerous options- boiled, steamed, and pot stickers, all with different fillings such as pork and cabbage, pork and garlic chives, vegetable and egg and shrimp and ginger. You will leave knowing how to make your own skins, wrap like a pro and keep a stash for that last minute dinner you to be easy, filling and fast. 

We will make two different doughs (a whole wheat version and regular wheat version) along with dipping sauces, your own best chili oil (bring a jar to take some home) and a few cold dishes to accompany them! BYO!