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Next Level Mexican with Chef Shelley Wiseman!

Next Level Mexican - Classic and Modern Mexican Dishes and Techniques

Delve into the breadth of Mexican Cooking with our own chef Shelley Wiseman who has written two books on the subject, Just Tacos (Taunton Press) and The Mexican Gourmet. She will pull from her books and extensive knowledge for new recipes to share. (Note: She will be leading a group to Baja, Mexico in March 2020 with Joy Stocke for a week long culinary adventure. Email Shelley at for more information.)

Class 4 (April 25): Ode to Maria Dolores Torres Yzabal (Co-author of The Mexican Gourmet)
Chicken Flautas in Tomatillo Sauce
Beans with Mountains of Things (including pork spareribs, chicharrón, and avocado)
Red Wine Gelatina Yzabal