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Science of Cooking with Chef Ian Knauer: HEAT!

Join Chef Ian Knauer for an exploration of science fundamentals in the kitchen. In the spirit of McGee and Alt-Lopez, among many others, apply these principles for greater freedom and creativity in the kitchen!

Heat plays an important role in creating depth in flavor- not just for heat’s sake. Don’t be afraid- it won’t hurt! BYO!

We will cover:
Wet heat cooking - steamed, boiled, sous vide, braised, poached
Dry heat cooking - sauteing, grilling, roasting
Low Heat Cooking - dehydrating
High Heat Cooking - Frying, Sauteing
Protein Vs. Starches reaction to heat

Vegetable Tempura
Poached Eggs with Stir fried Mushrooms and Dehydrated Kale
Cod Sous Vide with Mashed Roasted Potatoes
Venison/Beef Stew
Zabaglione with fruit

Join us!