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Homesteading! Full Series Discount and Bread Fall 2017


Join us for the complete series!

In our homesteading series with Chef Ian Knauer, we cover baking, cheese making, sausages from scratch and pickling! Join us for the whole series at a discount! These classes end in a lunch using the food made in class. BYO!

Class 1: Bread Baking (9/15/17) Take just the first class if you wish! 

Basic white and wheat doughs, Baguettes and Pan d`Epi, Flatbreads, Rolls and Breadsticks.

Class 2: Pickling and Preserving (9/22/17)

Join us and learn the basics of pickling your own fresh vegetables!

Class 3: Bacon and Sausage (10/12/17)

Make your own organic and fresh cured meats! Learn to prepare and case your own sausages and make fresh bacon!

Class 4: Cheese Making (10/19/17)

Ricotta Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese, Fresh Goat's Milk Cheese. A meal based on the cheeses we make including dessert!