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A Gourmet Weekend with Special Guest Ruth Reichl

September 13-15, 2019

Gourmet magazine shaped the way we relate to food.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the magazine’s final issue in 2009, The Farm Cooking School’s Ian Knauer and Shelley Wiseman along with Ruth Reichl will host a three-day Ode To Gourmet Institute.  From September 13th to 15th, a reunited Gourmet team will guide attendees along an in-depth exploration of our national foodscape covering everything from sustainable food practices to food photography and even mastering grilling techniques. The weekend will consist of an opening dinner and book signing with Ruth Reichl, various culinary workshops and panel discussions led by experts such as Doc Willoughby, Kate Winslow, and more.  

For seven decades, Gourmet influenced we cook, eat, source, and generally think about what we put in our mouths. While so much knowledge and inspiration was shared between the pages, the real magic happened at headquarters. Test kitchens, editorial desks, and research rooms buzzed morning, noon, and night with culinary savants who thoughtfully collaborated, crafted, and perfected our dining experience. It was a unique team who all lived by a single mission: make delicious food and booze accessible to all. Since the closing of the magazine in 2009, the expert staff continues to influence how we experience food through their cookbooks, podcasts, tv shows, critiques, and beyond.

Friday night dinner with Ruth - $225 (SOLD OUT!)

Weekend event 9/14-15 - $750 (Saturday and Sunday events all inclusive)

Friday, September 13

Dinner with Ruth Reichl (SOLD OUT)

Saturday, September 14

10am         KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Ruth Reichl & the Introduction of GOURMET

11am        WORKSHOP: The Modern Kitchen

        Ian Knauer, Kat Kinsman, Kate Winslow, Nicholas Lee, Gab Carbone

12pm        LUNCH: Woodfired Pizza

1:30pm        PANEL: Food Writing & Storytelling

        Ruth Reichl, John “Doc” Willoughby, Alan Systma, Nanette Maxim

3:00pm        WORKSHOP: Fermentation Invasion

        Karl Wagner, Brendan Anderson, Carol Berman, Ian Knauer, Alan Sytsma

4:15pm        Optional Farm Tour

6:30pm     Farley’s BOOK SIGNING

7:00pm     GOURMET Cocktail Party


10am        WORKSHOP: Food Styling & Photography

        Richard Ferretti, Guy Ambrosino, Melissa Hamilton, Christopher Hirsheimer, Kate Winslow

11:30am    WORKSHOP: Butchering, Grilling, & the Animal Husbandry

        Ian Knauer, John “Doc”  Willoughby, Tatiana Dale, Barry Estabrook

12:30pm    LUNCH: Pulled Pork

2:00pm        PANEL: Current American Foodways & The Future of Food

        Ruth Reichl, Gabrielle Langholtz, Malaika Spencer, Nannette Maxim, Barry Estabrook

3:00pmCLOSING REMARKS: Ruth Reichl