The Crew

Our school has become a fabulous community of people who help make our vision a reality! We love them as much as they love us!


Kendra Lee Thatcher

Kendra does it all! She is our Creative Director and Producer (aka: the Mojo Maven). You’ll find her around interviewing, photographing, filming, and writing about the school and the farm, telling the stories of the seasons, the food, and the community. She is an avid home cook, outdoors enthusiast, Delaware River community champion, and Pilates teacher extraordinaire. In her previous life, Kendra worked for Food Network and Cooking Channel, and even worked with patients as a dietetics and nutrition professional at various hospitals and facilities.


Victoria Lambert

Victoria has been with the farm school since she took her first class in 2015! She manages the school website and class calendar and supports Ian and Shelley with anything else they might need, including hugs! A practicing Registered Dietitian for 16 years, she is a writer, and an avid home cook who loves gardening and preserving of all kinds! She holds a Master's Degree in Biology which she is putting to good use supporting her work in food justice and soil conservation.


Ellen Taylor

Ellen has had been associated with numerous successful cooking schools! After managing Kings Cooking Studio for twenty years, she went on to establish the cooking school at Ninety Acres Culinary Center. She is now helping run the Farm Cooking School as the General Manager - sharing her wealth of experience with us and a new community of students. Ellen runs our office, takes care of our students, and basically keeps us all in line!