Cookbook Club - Six Seasons, Mar. 23rd, 10am

Cookbook Club - Six Seasons, Mar. 23rd, 10am


Cookbooks rock. By nature, cookbooks inspire and invite us not just into the author’s kitchen, but to their table. They’re intimate and personal and we are absolutely obsessed with them.

The Farm Cooking School Cookbook Club is a new monthly series aimed to fill both your stomach and home library with some of our favorite cookbooks. Each month will feature a selected cookbook and hands-on class taught by our chefs and guest instructors.

Additionally, we will host three Cookbook Club Potlucks where our cookbook-loving community can gleefully geek-out over their favorite authors, dishes, and books! Students are encouraged to purchase the featured cookbooks at Farley’s Bookstore in New Hope, PA prior to class.

Price includes attendance at the Potluck on April 17th whether you come to one bookclub course, or all three!


April 14: Donna Hay- A Life in Balance
April 17: Book Club Potluck!

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