Fall Indian Cuisine - Full Series with Discount Fall 2018

Fall Indian Cuisine - Full Series with Discount Fall 2018


We are delighted to have Indian native, April Galilio, take over our Indian Techniques series. Join her as she dives deep in this rich cuisine and shares her family secrets. You will enjoy a full meal of the dishes you have made at the end of each class. BYO!

9/26 Triple Curry Class
Chicken Vindaloo - Curry from Goa
Vegetable Jalfrezi - Curry from Bangladesh
Shrimp Dopyaza -  Curry from North India
Masala Pulav - aromatic rice
Gajar Halwa - carrot pudding

10/3 Punjabi Fall Vegetarian Fare

Shalgum Subzi - pan roasted turnips
Dal Tadka - lentil stew
Vegetable Biriyani - vegetable rice
Paneer Bhurji - scrambled paneer
Khajoor Katri -  dried fruit and nut roll

10/10 Northwestern Indian Cuisine
Dhansak - Parsi meat and lentil stew
Aloo Bhaji - Gujarati style potatoes
Chapati - thin flatbread
Mooli aur Tadka Raita - spiced yogurt ETH radishes
Mohan Thal - fudge made with chickpea flour

10/17 Punjabi Fall Vegetarian Fare
Petha aur Imli ki Curry -pumpkin and tamarind curry
Sabbe ki Subzi- savory apple side dish
Andaa Curry - Northern Indian egg curry
Puri - fried flatbread
Kewra Jaal Kheer - Pandanus flavored rice pudding

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