Cuisine of Northern India - Full Series with Discount Winter 2019

Cuisine of Northern India - Full Series with Discount Winter 2019


Join us as we explore the Northern regions of Indian cuisine and how the cold winter climate influences the food and cooking techniques. Whether you’re taking your first class or joining us as a returning student, you will learn all about the complex flavors of the the mountainous Indian regions and how it differs from other regions in the country. We will be preparing hearty village style dishes that will warm you from the inside out.

Sarson ka Saag
Braised winter greens
Makki ki Roti
Hearty corn flatbread
Suhka Murgh
Dry curried chicken
Mooli Pyaz Salad
Radish salad
Bund Gobi
Roasted cabbage

1/20/19 - Vegetarian Menu
Kidney bean stew
Jeera Chawal
Cumin rice
Methi Aloo
Fenugreek and potatoes
Panerer Pakora
Paneer fritters
Meeti Chutney
Sweet tamarind chutney

Shalgam Subji
Pan roasted turnips
Peshwari Lamb Kebab
Lamb chops in a spicy papaya marinade
Garlic Naan
Kheera Raita
Cucumber and mint yogurt sauce
Pudina Chutney
Mint chutney

2/3/19 - Vegetarian Menu
Maa ki Dal
Blend of winter lentils
Masala Roti
Spiced flatbread
Bhurji Paneer
Crumbled paneer
Suhka Aloo
Dry curried potatoes
Kachumber Salad
Chopped salad with a tart vinaigrette

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